To relentlessly seek out opportunities to create value for our clients through detailed, proprietary analysis, and to assemble an investment portfolio with a superior risk-return profile. To treat investors' capital as our own.

Why "Handmade"

Handmade represents the highest level of craftmanship: attention to detail is the life of the work. Time is taken, care is paid, and our enduring expectation is that precise work will bear fruit.


Concentrated equity long/short absolute return strategy targeting double-digit returns, focused primarily on media and technology. We add opportunistic positions outside of our core industries as they arise.


Our investors and our board primarily include highly accomplished tech entrepreneurs whose expertise and networks give us a definitive advantage when evaluating investments. Technological innovation is the most significant driver of value appreciation in our economy, and correctly distinguishing between winners and losers in this space will generate future returns in excess of the broader market.


Ross Hinkle

Managing Partner

Ross' experience on all sides of the media/tech industry gives him a unique and valuable perspective when it comes to evaluating investment opportunities.


While working in finance, Ross gained extensive training in how to value, diligence, acquire and manage some of the biggest and best run media companies in the world, completing 16 transactions worth over $4 billion.

Digital Media

Founded Liveset, one of the most highly regarded venture-backed digital media companies for live-streaming concerts. Liveset invented a new production workflow and created a digital platform for streaming live HD content, allowing fans to experience and interact with their favorite artists in real-time. In aggregate, the company’s content library includes 36 shows, with numerous Grammy-winning and Grammy-nominated artists.

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"Investing is not a game where the guy with the 160 I.Q. beats the guy with the 130 I.Q. Once you have ordinary intelligence, what you need is the temperament to control the urges that get other people into trouble."
- Warren Buffett